Jeans Sizing Chart / Custom Orders

Since all of our items come to us second hand that means most of the products originally come from different brands. All brands treat sizing differently which can complicate things a bit. But, to help keep things simple we base all of our sizing off of the chart below.  (waist size is in inches)111Threads sizing chart


To find your jean size:

1. Grab your most fitting pair of jeans

2. lay flat

3. Grab a flexible tape measure

4. Waist: measure waist band from left to right and multiply by 2

(ex. 14in x 2 = 28in = size 6)

5. Hips: measure hips from left to right and multiply by 2

6. Inseam: Measure from the "crotch" to the bottom of the pant leg to find the inseam.

7. Rise: measure from the top of the waist band down the zipper area to the bottom of the "crotch" to find the rise.  


Still have sizing questions no worries: email us at or DM us on instgram @111.threads 


CUSTOM ORDERS: currently closed as of 5/28/2022 tbd when open.

We are still very open to size and design requests! To request a size for restock or design please let us know via email or instagram DM!


Want to see some customers?

Head on over to @111.threads on instagram & check out our "customer highlights" as well as tagged images!

Over 2,000+ items sold :)

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